Who doesn’t love a lampshade… Especially when they’re 30% off!

I mean seriously, nothing brightens up any room more than a super fun lampshade and they’re now all 30% OFF!

There are lampshades from our favorite quirky company Lush designs like this unicorn one…

turquoise unicorn lampshade lush designs design essentials saffron walden

It’s now only £27.12!

Or this Grey Owl Pendant also from Lush…

grey owl pendant by lush designs design essentials saffron walden

Now only £24.32!

There are so many other Lush lampshades as well which are all 30% off!

Be sure to check them out here

Ebb and Flow are our other go to for brilliant lampshades and are also 30% off!

There’s this beutiful white and green branches lampshade…

It’s now only £184.80 after the 305 off!

And there is also the fern leaves a pattern of the Ebb and Flow lampshades which are now an absolute bargain!

It is now only £157.50 after the 30% off.

Be sure to check out of the rest of the Ebb and Flow range of lmpshades here

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