Special offer on sheepskins!

Although there have been rare bursts of winter sun, over the past couple of days the weather had been grey, miserable, and rainy the majority of the time. So, getting out of that warm cozy bed in the morning has become less and less appealing for most of us.

Why not make that transition a little more cozy with a super fluffy and soft sheepskin rug by the side of your bed…

It’s now even easier to get these wonderful sheepskin rugs, with our limited time special offer!

Double sheepskin rugs WERE 120 NOW JUST £75

Single sheepskin rugs in our most popular warm neutrals, Oyster, Grey, Ivory and Champagne WERE £48, NOW JUST £30

Pre-order now for delivery in 3 weeks!

Sheepskin Rug – Single – Ivory

All our Sheepskin Rugs are made from authentic fur of the finest quality…

Sheepskin Rug – Single – Oyster

Our best-selling shades of the single sheepskin rug (Oyster, Grey, Champagne, Ivory) are on special offer NOW JUST £30, because we know how much you love them!

Sheepskin Rugs

Don’t forget the double sheepskin rugs too though, an amazing deal we know you’ll love, NOW JUST £75!

Sheepskin Rug – Double – Oyster

So don’t wait around, pre-order now for delivery in 3 weeks.

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