there is nothing nutella and a spoon can’t fix teaspoon


there is nothing nutella and a spoon can't fix teaspoon

A vintage silver plated tea spoon hand stamped with ‘There is nothing Nutella and a spoon can’t fix’ onto the spoon face.
One of our vintage spoons + a large jar of Nutella = a perfect partnership!
This is a thoughtful birthday, Christmas or Valentines present for any Nutella lover.

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Product Description

All of our cutlery is silver plated and vintage. It is then lovingly hand stamp with sentimental and witty quotes creating a timeless keepsake from a piece of our history!

As the cutlery has had a previous life signs of it’s history may be visible adding to it’s unique charm and beauty.

*Because of the individual nature of each piece, we cannot guarantee that the piece will look exactly the same as in the picture.