Pastel Green B-Bed Beanbag



Product Description

Our new Pastel B Bed is for those times when you just want to stretch out in blissful comfort. It’s our contemporary take on a chaise longue, featuring our signature breathable vents to keep you cool, our durable double-stitched fabric and our special polybead filling to cradle your every nook and cranny. The revolutionary B Bed…and, relax.

Dimensions: H:65cm x W:80cm x L:120cm

Available in four pastel colours:

Pastel_Grey_B_Bed_Extreme_Lounging_Design_Essentials Pastel_Blue_B_Bed_Extreme_Lounging_Design_Essentials Pastel_Orange_B_Bed_Extreme_Lounging_Design_Essentials Pastel_Green_B_Bed_Extreme_Lounging_Design_Essentials