MightyB Indoor Bean Bag Pastel Green


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Height: 94cm

Width: 99cm

Length: 80cm

Product Description

The MightyB Indoor Bean in Bag Pastel Green is now available at Design Essentials Saffron Walden! Along with the rest of our new pastel range, this comfortable bean bag is a great addition to any house.

Super durable because of the wonderful double stitching, the MightyB Indoor Bean Bag Pastel Green will last for even the most extreme loungers! It’s filled with super-smart polystyrene beads, designed to absorb heat and mold around your shape.

Not only is it super durable and super smart, but The Bean Bag in Pastel Green also looks great in any room. Whether it be a kids bedroom, the study, living room, the list of possibilities for comfort and style is endless.

A bit about Extreme Lounging:

We love to be partnered with the amazing people at Extreme Lounging! They’re British through and through and every single B-bag is made at their factory in Yorkshire. When you bug an Extreme Lounging B-Bag from us at Design Essentials, you can be sure that your getting a great product with great service.

Everything is done to be as environmentally friendly as possible at Extreme Lounging. All their materials even being sourced from as close to home as possible! Extreme Lounging achieves true luxury without a nasty carbon footprint.


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Be sure to pop into the shop, chat with us and take a peek at the sample colours of these beautiful pastel bean bags at Design Essentials in Saffron Walden, Essex.

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