Koble Puls Smart Table Lamp Speaker


Koble Puls Speaker Desk Lamp Design Essentials

Product Description

Design Essentials is delighted to introduce to you the new Koble Puls, now available on our website. The smart design morphs both a speaker and table lamp, with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your tablet, laptop or phone in order to play music through it. The premium speaker built within Puls produces fantastic sound with a great depth of bass.

The Koble Puls can also help improve your sleep, using modern technology, with its sleep mode. White light can affect your sleep pattern if you are exposed to too much of it in the time leading up to going to bed. Just like most smartphones, Puls can be set to change from white to blue light after a certain time in the evening.

If you are guilty of leaving lights on and forgetting to switch them off, set the timer option which will automatically switch off the light after 40 minutes of it being on. Puls is super efficient and only uses 11W of energy. In simple terms, this means it could cost as little as 20p to have it running for a whole month.

Puls also has a built-in USB point that allows you to charge any device.

Key Features of the Koble Puls

  • Eye protection
  • Low energy
  • Mains powered
  • Multi-stage dimming
  • Select from warm to cool light temperature
  • Touch sensor buttons
  • Premium speaker
  • Built-in USB charging point (perfect for charging smart devices)
  • Adjustable direction light