Koble Arc Wireless Charging Table Lamp


Koble Arc Desk Lamp Design Essentials


  • Bluetooth
  • Micro USB
  • Speaker
  • Battery

38 x 18 x 36 cm

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Product Description

The Koble Arc is a new modern wireless charging table lamp by Koble, available at Design Essentials, compatible with any smartphone with built-in charging capability or phones with wireless charging cases.

The Koble Arc’s modern technology can help improve your sleep with its sleep mode. Overexposure to white light before bed can dramatically affect your sleep pattern, but with the night function, you can switch to a warmer light temperature at the click of a button.

Key Features of the Koble Arc

Three Stage colour temperature modes: Eye Protection with Natural, White and Yellow light modes.

Multi-stage dimming: 5 levels of dimming with touch sensor buttons.

Timer Function: Light turns off automatically after 40 minutes.

Super-Efficient Directional LED: Non-Flicker LED driver with adjustable head and spine.

Wireless charging: Compatible with all smartphones with wireless charging capability or wireless phone cases.

Touch sensor buttons: Audible tone function when the touch sensor is available.