Indoor Tan Leather Bean Bag


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Product Description

The Bean Bag just got a whole lot more sophisticated with the new Indoor tan faux leather bean bag from Extreme lounging! Not only is the Tan leather beanbag super comfortable, but it also looks great in any room with any interior style. This bean bag doesn’t have to be tied down to one room either, it’s light enough to be moved from room to room, so you don’t have to be without comfort in your own home again.

The Indoor Tan Leather Bean Bag doesn’t stop at good looks and comfort, it’s also double-stitched, meaning that is is long-lasting and durable for even the most demanding of users. Not only this but it’s also super smart because it’s filled with polystyrene beads which are designed to absorb heat and mold around your shape and easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

H: 94cm, W: 99cm, L: 80cm

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