I’m Not Odd, I’m A Limited Edition Serving Spoon


I'm Not Odd, I'm A Limited Edition Serving Spoon
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Personalisation included in the delivery price on this item.

A super serving spoon lovingly hand stamped with ‘I’m not odd i’m a limited edition’.

And so you should be! – Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?
The perfect gift for your someone who is limited edition.

Our full range of vintage cutlery can be personalised for you or your loved one making it that extra bit special.

Simply select the delivery option which costs £6.95 and we will personalise your spoon and deliver to your chosen address for free. For further details and to find out more, please contact us.

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Product Description

I’m Not Odd, I’m A Limited Edition Serving Spoon details:

All of our cutlery is silver plated and vintage. It is then lovingly hand stamp with sentimental and witty quotes creating a timeless keepsake from a piece of our history!

As the cutlery has had a previous life signs of it’s history may be visible adding to it’s unique charm and beauty.

*Because of the individual nature of each piece, we cannot guarantee that the piece will look exactly the same as in the picture.

Delivery will take 1-2 weeks.