Jen Rowland

Based in South London, Jen Rowland has built her business around quality hand-screen printed interiors products that fuse the traditional with the modern. She pairs delicate Victorian woodcuts with her signature bold pops of colour to create dynamic statement pieces. She screen prints by hand in her studio, using a slightly offset placement technique, meaning that each piece is unique. Natural linen, raw silks and unbleached cotton form the base of her fabrics that are then transformed into lampshades, cushions, bags and gifts.

Memories of growing up in rural Surrey, surrounded by flowers and nature, is Jen’s inspiration – she tries to translate the excitement and raw beauty of the forests and meadows that were her childhood haunts to her designs.

Her most recent design, ‘Garden Birds’, features five little birds that frequent gardens across Britain and is her most involved print yet, requiring five separate screens for each colour and three individual print runs. Design Essentials is lucky enough to be stocking Jen’s ‘Garden Birds’ in our new shop, and we think you will love it as much as we do.