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MightyB Indoor Bean Bags

The MightyB Indoor bean bag chair is ridiculously comfortable, incredibly versatile, outrageously colourful and stupendously brilliant…it’s B-bag! This great big, gorgeous piece of furniture is a beanbag like no other. This high quality bean bag chair moulds to your body shape making it so comfortable. Ideal to relax in front of the TV or fire or for children to watch their favourite films or computer games. Available to buy from our Saffron Walden, Essex shop close to Cambridge or online for national UK delivery at low rates. What are you waiting for? – time to relax is style with the Mighty-B Bean bag!

Relax Rainbow Style

This is where design statement and comfort worshiping collide in a colourful explosion of ridiculous luxury and outrageous pizzazz. A haven for your body…heaven for your eyes!