No more plastic rubbish!

Don’t wait too late to get your kids Christmas gifts this year!

The advent calendars are out, nativity rehearsals have begun and recorder practice is constant for the school concert, it’s definitely that time of year again. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and I’m sure you’re kids have reminded you of that more than once, the advent calendars don’t exactly take their minds off it. Whoever thought chocolate was a good idea for kids in the morning anyway!

Anyway, although christmas may be a little different this year, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t still have fun!

So to help you out with the festivities, we’ve put together a short list of our favourite quality christmas presents for kids that they won’t get boared of in five minuites. No more plastic rubbish!

  1. The Tonie Box
Toniebox Green Design Essentials Tonies

We absolutley love the Tonie boxes, and we’re so pleased to have them at the top of our gift list this year.

Everybody is concerned about kid’s screen time and especially with lockdown, their Ipads are probably being used more than ever. You don’t need to worry about screen time with the Tonie boxes though, they let your children’s imagination run free with no bright screens and endless listening without complicated controls.

2. The Tonie characters

Perfectly accompanying the Tonie Boxes, are the Tonie characters!

They tell absolutley beutiful stories, from dinosaurs to snowmen, footballers to the lion king, theres something for any child. The stories grow with your child as well, with more simplistic shorter stories ideal for younger children up to inquisitive tweens who want to learn about dinosaurs and astronauts.

There’s also creative Tonies! The creative Tonies allow you to record yourself telling the story for the child. Gret for long distance grandparents or family members as a source of comfort when you can’t be with them. They are a truly heartwarming gift this christmas.

3. Smiley Lamps

smile lamp smiling design essentials lighting playful trio sticking out tongue cool sunglasses heart eyes

Everyone loves emojis, right!

These emoji lamps are ideal for the coolest of kids, making them a perfect gift that matches your friend’s and family’s moods for this Christmas! With this lamp, your children, friends, or family can be super cool. Be happy, be cool, be Smiley! The kids just love these and being battery operated, you can pop them anywhere!

Cool Smiley Lamps are a great gift or accessory for any kid’s room which also looks great too. If the shade look is the emoji you are after, choose from some of our other smiley lamps – from love heart eyes, winking, and cheeky smiles – perfect for all emoji lovers of all ages!

4. Folky Dolls

There’s nothing better than a collectable character for kid this christmas, and we might have just hit the nail on the head with these folky dolls.

They are a range of funny and decorative lamps in the shape of characters such as Fashion Girl, Brittany, and Pirate Boy. They even have lights to suit their own individual stories and style. The truly perfect accessory for any room and easily collectible with 4 designs.

We hope to see you in the shop getting your Christmas shopping done early, with the help of our Christmas gifts blogs. Check out our tech blog We wish you a techy Christmas, Beautiful Bits and Bobs… and all of our other blogs for more Christmassy ideas.

We love to hear from you as well, so…

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