Manufacturers Statement

Wooden Items

All our products are made of sustainable wood from the Albesia tree. This sustainable tree grows over 30 metres in five years. We only use lead-free non-toxic paints for our finishes. Our collections evolve around bright contemporary colours and designs while making people smile. We all need a little humour in our lives. The Human series is a salute to collaboration. At work, in a park or even in the jungle, mankind relies on each other to grow, live and prosper. This collection is a tribute to these facts. All these items benefit from the combination of different materials. Metal, resin, wood and organic matter blend together to add a touch of class to your home. Our factories are structured to work around Balinese culture. They are the most prolific carvers in the world. We take pride in celebrating this by creating handmade and hand-painted crafts.


Our very popular polymer lamps are made of biodegradable materials. The interchangeability of the magic ball makes this collection one of our most loved items. In the living room or in a child’s bedroom, a magic ball with a sculpted item transforms into an artistic lamp to blend into your home. The tubes are practical and take very little space. You can place it in a corner against the wall, on the wall or even on the ceiling. These self-contained lamp tubes create a romantic ambience in any home. Simply twist and lock to change the tube bulbs. It is available in any hardware store. The cube light is also a wonderful useful product for your cosmetics or simply to display a special item in your house or place of business. Finally it is strongly recommended to use only 5 watt life-saving bulbs for cubes and ball lamps, while 5-11 watts for luka and drop polymer models. The tubes come standard according to length. In this case the tube is 153cm.