Lets talk about outdoor furniture…

It’s nearly time to get the summer clothes out and stuff the coats back into the cupboard, and it couldn’t come sooner. The rain and misery that it brings will soon make way to the BBQs and suncream of the Great British summertime, woohoo! But wait, you can’t make the most of those sunny evenings without the right outdoor furniture…

Here we come again to solve all these problems with our fab range of B-Beds. All the best bits of a bean bag, a chaise long, and sun loungers are brought together by the Extreme Lounging B-Beds. And now, as if it couldn’t get any better, were offering £50 off all B-Beds with code B-Bed50.

Pastel Grey B-Bed

The B Bed is for those times when you just want to stretch out in blissful comfort, the epitome of its brand name, Extreme Lounging. Featuring breathable vents to keep you cool, durable double-stitched fabric with special polybead filling. Perfect for relaxing outside on those lovely warm days but can also be brought inside.

Available in 6 perfect colors, including the bright and cheerful orange and lime…

B-Bed lime

Or for those wanting a calmer vibe, take a look at pastel orange, grey, blue and grey…

B-Bed pastel green

But these B-Beds aren’t just for summer, they are super easy to move inside too, put them in the lounge for a great place to chill out after work, or in the kids rooms to give them a comfy place to play and relax!

Remember to use code B-Bed50 for £50 off these great B-Beds and get your garden ready for the warmer weather.

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