Calling all mega relaxers, our range of beanbags from our good friends at Extreme Lounging are ready and raring to go for any season.

Indoors, outdoors, these beanbags are perfect in any color or material for any room of the house or in the garden.

They’re super comfortable and well designed by the team over at Extreme Lounging.

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The beanbags are super durable because of the wonderful double stitching, lasting for even the most extreme loungers! It’s also filled with super-smart polystyrene beads, designed to absorb heat and mold around your shape.

A bit about Extreme Lounging:

We love to be partnered with the amazing people at Extreme Lounging! They’re British through and through and every single B-bag is made at their factory in Yorkshire. When you bug an Extreme Lounging B-Bag from us at Design Essentials, you can be sure that your getting a great product with great service.

Everything is done to be as environmentally friendly as possible at Extreme Lounging. All their materials even being sourced from as close to home as possible! Extreme Lounging achieves true luxury without a nasty carbon footprint.

Check out this customers review!

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