Design Essentials Chats to Anne Cardwell

We are delighted to introduce Anne Cardwell, a mosaic artist who will be exhibiting in Design Essentials throughout October. We’ve asked her our usual set of questions to find out a bit more about her as an artist. Let’s have a look at what she said…

What inspires your work?

The internet is a truly fabulous resource (even though it is also a little soulless…). It allows me to see other artists on art courses or at craft markets and open studios, which is very important to me. There’s generally a lot of pinterest in the world around me… Oops, internet again! Also, visiting junk shops and retails stores gives me lots of inspiration.


Is there an element of art you enjoy working with the most?

I really enjoy my materials – being a mosaic artist is a little bit like being a magpie, attracted to things that gleam!

What has been the work that you are most proud of?

I absolutely loved writing my book, ‘Stylish Mosaics’. I was so lucky to get the opportunity to write it before the internet (‘fabulous resource’ mentioned before!) killed the necessity for as many books.

What is your most important artists’ tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

My iPhone, actually, as I’m always Instagramming my work.


What’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?

The worst is being self critical, and it can be exhausting. The best thing is working with my students in my workshops – we have a laugh and they all seem to love coming.

Just to indulge me, your favourite Take That member?

Peter Frampton (sorry).

And your favourite drink?

Something fizzy on a Friday night.


Thanks so much Anne for answering our questions! We look forward to welcoming your beautiful exhibition into Design Essentials soon!


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