Cambridge Style Week Is Here

cambs-style-weekWell less than 24 hours to this ‘first ever’. Cambridge Style Week is upon us, and Design Essentials are taking part.

I must admit when I first heard about it from Nicky Shephard one of the organisers I was sold. Her passion for the project and the idea behind it left me in no doubt that this was something I would enjoy being included in, indeed some of the advertising behind the event captures this vision. Continue reading

Cambridge Style Week Special Offers From Design Essentials

special offerCambridge Style Week starts today and to mark this occasion Design Essentials will have special offers running.

The first offer will be on the sculpture made from wire and wood, intelligently carved to depict divers rotating through a dive. It’s normal price is £120 and an event price of £90. It complements any home Interior space. Continue reading

Speed Networking Design Essentials Style

speed-networking-gluten-freeThe Speed Networking Design Essentials hosted at Goddards Interiors on the 16th January was fast, furious, friendly and fun for all those that attended (apart from the whistle) which was largely ignored amongst the vibrant crowd who attended.

All who came to the event enjoyed wine and nibbles, and where lucky enough to indulge in offerings from Sarah Taylor owner of Chateau Macaron with flavours of Salted caramel, Rosemary, Lychee and Raspberry Macarons. Also Maria Brannigan, owner and writer of Gluten Free and Gorgeous with her (and you would never know) Gluten Free Brownies, were all polished off in an instant.

A lovely and welcome surprise. Amazing treats thank you ladies. Continue reading

Design Essentials Host Speed Networking Event

speed-networking-eventWe are delighted to be hosting the 4th Speed Networking Event here at Goddards Interiors on Wednesday 16th January. The evenings have traditionally been a lot of fun and a good way to put faces to names for people who own Business you may have heard, but never seen. Some indeed meet for the first time after already being connected on Twitter or Facebook.

So if you are up for a bit of Business Networking in Saffron Walden, doors open at 7:30pm with the main event kicking of at 8.00pm. Continue reading

Speed Networking at Design Essentials in Saffron Walden: Get down with that whistle to get some new business connections


We are really pleased to be hosting with Helen from Kiddycharts, the next Design Essentials speed networking event at Goddards Interiors in Saffron Walden at 7.45pm on Thursday 26th April.

The evening should be full of fun, wine, and frivolity so come along for a spot of business networking with the local Essex and Cambridge crowd.

The format of the evening is simple:

Find someone you have never met before we start

  • Wait for the whistle and then go
  • Talk for 1 minute on yourself, passing over your business card (don’t forget them)
  • Wait for the whistle again, and when it comes…
  • Swop over; letting the other person talk to you about their business, their guinea pig or whatever else takes their fancy, as well as passing you their business card
  • Wait for the whistle again, and move to the next person you want to find out about
  • Repeat until you collapse…well actually until its the comfort break…

We’ll have six rounds of these one minute exchanges, and then have a little break, so all can re-fill glasses, and refresh confidence.


Media Source: Kiddycharts

Liz Weston on the Design Essentials Speed Networking evening…

Liz was kind enough to blog about the Speed Networking event we are holding tomorrow night:

Hello everyone.

This is a quick post as I’m 20 minutes away from my first client catch up of the evening and need to kiss our tiddlers good night before then as well!

Tomorrow night will be the first Design Essentials Speed Networking evening. We’ve been asked quite a few questions, so here’s the Q & A for everyone.

How does it work?
I have been asked by Wendy Howell, Founder of Design Essentials to come and co host a speed networking evening. I’ll come with my whistle and if I can find one, a gong.
  • Everyone will pair up with someone they don’t know, or want to get to know better.
  • I then blow the whistle and you tell them all about yourself for one minute.
  • I blow the whistle again and you stop talking, whilst the other person talks.
  • I blow the whistle again and shout “find someone new” (or something witty if I can think of it) and you find a different person to talk to.
  • It sounds terrifying I know, but it is so much fun and you find out all sorts of things that you wouldn’t do normally in a networking situation. By the end of it, people are laughing at themselves and each other, so please come with an open mind and be prepared for laughter. And the point of it is, that there’s very little time for change over, so make sure you’ve got a drink in hand to be able to keep going. We don’t take ourselves seriously and it’s not a “pitch” in any sense of the word. It’s making relationships and laughing at ourselves whilst getting to know other people.

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