Purple Patch

Purple Therapy LightWho’d have thought that such a rich and opulent colour as purple, so beloved by the royal family (not to mention Cadburys) is mainly used for intense purification in colour therapy, ie. it’s main application is in detoxifying the body.

It also surprised me to learn that scarlet and purple, two colours I’ve always considered as being quite similar, in fact have opposite effects in colour therapy. For example, scarlet is a vasoconstrictor ie it raises the blood pressure while purple is a vasodilator and lowers it.

Who knew?

Out Of The Blue

Blue Therapy LightBlue in colour therapy is associated with the throat chakra, which deals with willpower and communication, it’s a calming colour, making it particularly good for curing insomnia.

That’s also why a lot of the lighting in hospitals have a bit of a blue tint. In fact a train station in Japan even installed blue light to help cut down on the number of suicides.

It can be used for throat problems, asthma, stress, migraines, and believe it or not blue lights can also help improve verbal skills.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s my favourite, particularly when teamed with its complimentary colour which is orange. So what’s your favourite colour so far?

Red Alert

Red Therapy LightAs I’ve said before you’ll often see red lighting in restaurants as they’re a great way to encourage sociability generally, and can even make food seem more appetising!

More specifically red is associated with the base chakra in the sacral region (if you don’t know where they are, the nether regions pretty much covers it). Red promotes vitality, strength, sexuality, willpower, and alertness. It can even be used to counteract anaemia, lack of energy, low blood pressure and last but not least impotence.

Perhaps that explains why we have Red light districts…so will you choose this red colour therapy light from our stunning range of affordable lighting?

Going Green

Green Therapy LightGreen is the colour associated with the heart chakra, One of the reasons that green is so appealing is because basically it is the colour of nature. In fact green is the most predominant colour on the planet.

Green balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion. It represents purity and harmony and has a calming effect especially in inflamed conditions of the body. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that it is also the colour of a bottle of Gordon’s gin as green is soothing to the nervous system. Although perhaps not quite as much as a large G & T. Continue reading

White Light

White Therapy LightIt probably will come as no surprise to hear that in Colour therapy White light is considered as cleansing and purifying, promoting feelings of virtue and spirituality.

But white is also strengthening and nurturing; it heals fevers, infections and pain; calms the heart, mind, nerves and emotions; and promotes vitality and supportive feelings (thank goodness as I stare hard at the white light right now).

White can awaken greater creativity too. When in doubt as to what colour to use, you can seldom go wrong with white. Especially when you’re stuck for a new topic to write a blog about…though in this case it’s easy, as my final post in this series will be on the colour yellow.

Yellow Fever

Yellow Therapy LightThe final colour in the Design Essentials new range of mood lights is yellow. Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is concerned with intellect and judgement.

That means that yellow stimulates mental ability and concentration and aids detachment. But it can also be used to treat rheumatism and arthritis, as well as straw related illnesses such as hayfever. Its compliment is violet.

So that’s the end of my little mini series on coloured lights, have you decided what your favourite is yet? If not, as an added incentive to help you make up your mind if you order a Design Essential colour therapy light before February 15th we will give you a 10% discount.

Light Up Your Life – A intro into the power of colour

Pumpkin LampAs I was saying last week (well to a few people at the launch of my website), I had never really thought much about the impact of colours. When I got home after my most recent buying trip to Bali I was so inspired by the range of coloured lights that I had just bought for Design Essentials that I looked into the science of different colours.

Some of it is pretty obvious really once you think about it. For example, warm coloured bulbs and light fittings enhance warm coloured subjects. Which means that red or orange home furnishings can appear more pronounced and dramatic under warm coloured bulbs, and obviously the opposite applies. Continue reading

Saffron Walden Independent retailers to launch Christmas competition

saffwaldenlogoA group of independent retailers in Saffron Walden are launching a special Christmas challenge for residents.

Adults and children are to collect 10 Christmas bauble stickers from 10 different participating retailers to win a prize.

Once children have got their sheet validated at a participating shop then they will receive a gift, such as chocolate money and a certificate.

Adults can also take part but they must produce a receipt or receipts that total £50 spent at either one or more of the participating retailers over the competition period.

The group are hoping to be able to offer a substantial ‘Saffron Shop Local Voucher’ for the adults who enter the prize draw, that can be redeemed at any one or a number of the participating shops. Continue reading