Why is natural lighting important when choosing a colour scheme?

Natural lighting

Natural light will alter how colours appear. Darker colours absorb more frequencies of light, whilst lighter colours reflect.

The direction in which the room is facing and from where the natural light is coming will have a massive effect on the appearance of colours.

When is the room used?

What time of the day will you be using this room? Does the room get good natural light if it is a day time room? Or will you light it with lamps and lights because you use it during the evening?

What direction does your room face?

South Facing

South facing rooms have the advantage of warm luminous sunlight, while north or east facing rooms can be attributed with the darker blue light. Because of this, the colours from the natural lighting and their wavelengths will bring out different colour pigments from the colour of your designs,  some will reflect whilst some will absorb.

With south facing rooms, the warmth of the natural lighting will bring out both warm and cool colours at their best. Darker colours will look brighter and lighter colours will show their brilliance.

North Facing

North facing rooms with their blue tinge from natural light will allow bold colours to flourish, and give the feel of warmth and relaxation, whilst lighter colours can appear muted. Nonetheless, lighter colours do reflect more natural light, so the colour choice very much depends on what you’re using the room for, and the feel that you’re looking to create.

East & West Facing

East and west facing rooms have the advantage (or disadvantage) of having the bright warm sun of the south and the blues of the north facing sun; obviously, each at opposite ends of the day. Here’s the next dilemma….what time of the day the room is being used the most?

Design Essentials Featured in Velvet Magazine

Another month, another feature… Local magazines are absolutely loving our lighting at the moment, as Design Essentials have just been featured in the May edition of Velvet Magazine.

Our super popular pink colour therapy lamp was included in their ‘Fuchsia Focus’ collection alongside other hot pink interiors and gift ideas from retailers in the Cambridgeshire area.

See the full article below, or to read this month’s edition of the magazine click here.
Design Essentials, Saffron Walden, in the Fuchsia Focus feature of Velvet Magazine

Shop our colour therapy lamp online for just £30 here.Pink colour therapy lamp from Design Essentials, Saffron Walden. £30.

Thanks so much for the feature, Velvet Mag – we love it!


Cinematic Lights


Looking for Christmas present ideas? These cinematic lights with their retro style make them a very on-trend design feature! The timeless design with 64 interchangeable letters and symbols makes it perfect for friends, sons and daughters, mums and dads, or grannys and grandads. The quirky light display can be used in a limitless number of ways such as spelling out a special quote; names of family members; seasonal messages; or even favourite films. ORDER NOW via our online shop or head over to our physical shop on Market Row to get your hands on one of these must-have lights!

Here are some fabulous examples of how our customers have used the cinematic lights:

Quirky Cinematic Lights

Lovely Letter Lights

As the nights draw, in it is the perfect time to liven up your room. These letter lights are the ideal design feature that will brighten up any space on a dreary autumn day.

They would also make a fabulous ‘back to uni’ present because they will add a personal touch to a student’s room, as well as providing a much-needed cosy atmosphere for those days when students may be missing home.


‘c’ metal letter lights // £22



A clever idea would be to use your letter lights to spell out words that have a special meaning, such as a favourite place or band.

We have up to six colours to choose from, including white, red, black, green, blue and yellow, so there’s a letter light for everyone.





Special thanks to our customer Jaqui Cully for this gorgeous photo. She’s used one of our letter lights to make a lovely tabletop feature, but you can create a bold statement by hanging the letter lights on the wall.





Head over to our store to check out our full range of letter lights, or you could BUY NOW from our online shop. If you would like to order online, please let us know which individual letter lights you want, along with your preferred colour letters, in the comments section when at the checkout.

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Becky Creed Lighting at Holloways of Ludlow

Lighting designer Becky Creed, whose work has been at Design Essentials since October 2014, has recently landed herself an exhibition at Holloways of Ludlow in London, where her Turned Paper lighting collection is featured as part of their window display.




Becky’s unique lighting designs won her a place in the final of Delight in Light 2014, a competition which aims to showcase some of the best up-and-coming talent in contemporary lighting.




Her work will be displayed alongside 4 other finalists’ designs, and she’s also been given a feature on the Holloways of Ludlow website. Check out the Holloways of Ludlow blog here to find out more. Well done Becky!



Read our first ever conversation with Becky on our blog!

To see Becky’s entire Turned Paper Collection, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @BeckyCreed1.


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Design Essentials Chats to Oliver Boyd

Oliver Boyd is a designer with qualifications in both furniture and product design. For the past 17 years, he has worked with the Villiers Brothers, creating unique and fantastic lighting and furniture pieces. Oliver is always on the look-out for classic design pieces, searching junk shops, skips, and car boot sales. Design Essentials are proud to be showcasing Oliver’s new collection of quirky, unique lighting pieces. Continue reading

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Design Essentials As Seen In Vogue

vogueIt’s been a great month for us and we are very happy that our Pumpkin light featured in Vogue.

It’s a lovely unique piece and is fast becoming known for what Design Essentials does. Which is our mission to offer stylish contemporary home accessories that stand out from those offered by the high street at an affordable price. Each piece is hand selected by myself and sustainably sourced where possible, whilst we also showcase local talent in the home interiors market.

So if you didn’t manage to grab a copy here we are featured in Mays edition. There we are are No. 11 (we are still beaming here at DE headquarters).

In celebration we are offering the first 5 people to reply to my email quoting Vogue Pumpkin light to purchase the lamp at £99 normally £140. Continue reading

Pretty Pink

Pink Therapy LightAs I’ve said before I’m not a girly girl, so on some levels struggle a bit with pink…but not when it comes to lighting.

Pink is a calming colour on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be used to soothe conditions of anger and feelings of neglect. On a more positive note pink can also be used to awaken compassion, love ad purity. It can even be used to help meditation!

But on a more practical level, physically pink is most effective in the treatment of skin problems and conditions, especially when combined with aqua. It also stimulates the thymus gland and eases stresses upon the immune system.

So I wonder does this change anyone’s views on pink?

Purple Patch

Purple Therapy LightWho’d have thought that such a rich and opulent colour as purple, so beloved by the royal family (not to mention Cadburys) is mainly used for intense purification in colour therapy, ie. it’s main application is in detoxifying the body.

It also surprised me to learn that scarlet and purple, two colours I’ve always considered as being quite similar, in fact have opposite effects in colour therapy. For example, scarlet is a vasoconstrictor ie it raises the blood pressure while purple is a vasodilator and lowers it.

Who knew?

Out Of The Blue

Blue Therapy LightBlue in colour therapy is associated with the throat chakra, which deals with willpower and communication, it’s a calming colour, making it particularly good for curing insomnia.

That’s also why a lot of the lighting in hospitals have a bit of a blue tint. In fact a train station in Japan even installed blue light to help cut down on the number of suicides.

It can be used for throat problems, asthma, stress, migraines, and believe it or not blue lights can also help improve verbal skills.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s my favourite, particularly when teamed with its complimentary colour which is orange. So what’s your favourite colour so far?