Lets talk about outdoor furniture…

It’s nearly time to get the summer clothes out and stuff the coats back into the cupboard, and it couldn’t come sooner. The rain and misery that it brings will soon make way to the BBQs and suncream of the Great British summertime, woohoo! But wait, you can’t make the most of those sunny evenings without the right outdoor furniture…

Here we come again to solve all these problems with our fab range of B-Beds. All the best bits of a bean bag, a chaise long, and sun loungers are brought together by the Extreme Lounging B-Beds. And now, as if it couldn’t get any better, were offering £50 off all B-Beds with code B-Bed50.

Pastel Grey B-Bed

The B Bed is for those times when you just want to stretch out in blissful comfort, the epitome of its brand name, Extreme Lounging. Featuring breathable vents to keep you cool, durable double-stitched fabric with special polybead filling. Perfect for relaxing outside on those lovely warm days but can also be brought inside.

Available in 6 perfect colors, including the bright and cheerful orange and lime…

B-Bed lime

Or for those wanting a calmer vibe, take a look at pastel orange, grey, blue and grey…

B-Bed pastel green

But these B-Beds aren’t just for summer, they are super easy to move inside too, put them in the lounge for a great place to chill out after work, or in the kids rooms to give them a comfy place to play and relax!

Remember to use code B-Bed50 for £50 off these great B-Beds and get your garden ready for the warmer weather.

Special offer on sheepskins!

Although there have been rare bursts of winter sun, over the past couple of days the weather had been grey, miserable, and rainy the majority of the time. So, getting out of that warm cozy bed in the morning has become less and less appealing for most of us.

Why not make that transition a little more cozy with a super fluffy and soft sheepskin rug by the side of your bed…

It’s now even easier to get these wonderful sheepskin rugs, with our limited time special offer!

Double sheepskin rugs WERE 120 NOW JUST £75

Single sheepskin rugs in our most popular warm neutrals, Oyster, Grey, Ivory and Champagne WERE £48, NOW JUST £30

Pre-order now for delivery in 3 weeks!

Sheepskin Rug – Single – Ivory

All our Sheepskin Rugs are made from authentic fur of the finest quality…

Sheepskin Rug – Single – Oyster

Our best-selling shades of the single sheepskin rug (Oyster, Grey, Champagne, Ivory) are on special offer NOW JUST £30, because we know how much you love them!

Sheepskin Rugs

Don’t forget the double sheepskin rugs too though, an amazing deal we know you’ll love, NOW JUST £75!

Sheepskin Rug – Double – Oyster

So don’t wait around, pre-order now for delivery in 3 weeks.

Congratulations school leavers!

Congratulations to the Year 11s and Year 13s who have either had or are approaching their last days of school, you’ve all been incredible in a very stressful situation!

To congratulate the school leaver in your life this year, we have put together a short list of brilliant gifts!

The Mi Square Pocket Speaker…

Let the celebrations commence with this pocket-sized speaker, perfect for all their adventures this summer!

Personalised Metro Map…

This personalised print tells their school story in the style of an underground train station map.

Nkuku Glass Frames…

Preserve their school days phots with these wonderfull glass frames.

Vintage Cutlery…

Pep up their spirits with a heartfelt message on a wonderful vintage spoon.


Gift them one of these wonderful sheepskins for those many coming weeks relaxing in bed!

Record Player…

They’re back in style and these record players are a brilliant “you’ve finished your exams!” gift for those teens in your life.

The Mooni Ovo Speaker Lantern…

It goes wherever they go this school free summer, even to the beach and the pool because it’s splash-proof!

We hope you find the perfect gift, check out the rest of our amazing products here!

Lots of happy customers…

We’re all about community at Design Essentials and we love hearing our wonderful customer’s thoughts on us and our products. It’s so great to see happy faces and wonderful pictures of a range of our products looking stunning in people’s homes!

We all know reveiws can be the all important decider when making those all important interior design choices, so here are a few of ours to helf you make up you’re mind…

Extreme Lounging…

Calling all mega relaxers, our range of beanbags from our good friends at Extreme Lounging are ready and raring to go for any season!

We love the brilliant range of beanbags from Extreme Lounging not only because they look great but they’re also super affordable.

Mighty B Outdoor Beanbag White – £95


The Gingko range is seriously cool.

Ranging from the super portable MI Square speaker as pictured above, to Octagon One desk lamp which won the ‘Gift of the Year 2018’, to the Book Light which when shut, masquerades as a stylish, leather-bound book, but when opened, transforms into a sculptural lamp that emits a warm, ambient light.

The MI Sqaure Pocket Speaker Walnut – £45


Combining minimalist Scandinavian design with smart technology, Koble designs include Bluetooth and portable speakers, wireless charging lamps and more – at great prices.

Silas Smart Desk Light Grey – £299
Ava Bluetooth Speaker Lantern – £70

We love to hear your thoughts, if you would like to offer a reveiw of a product you have bought from us please get in touch via email or social media!

Brilliant bean bags for summer 2021!

As the rule of 6 kicks in, we are sooooo looking forward to summer 2021!

Prepare your garden for the many many BBQ’s, parties and family visits coming up with the amazing beanbags from Extreme Lounging…

They’re super versitile and because we all know the British summer doesn’t always last as long as we would like, can be used inside, blending seamlessly into your furniture.

Our good friends at Extreme Lounging have also created so many different types of beanbags that there’s something for everyone!

Here are a few of our favourites…

MiniB outdoor beanbags…

The MiniB is perfect for kids, super fun, and in loads of brilliant colors like Aqua and Berry

You don’t even need to worry about sticky ice lolly fingers going all over furniture wither, the MiniB is easily wipeable and long lasting.

They’re not only totally adorable but also totally affordable at only 59.99!

MightyB outdoor beanbag…

Introducing the MiniB’s older brother the MightyB

Super comfortable, the MightyB is perfect for relaxing in the garden on those long warm summer days!

Outdoor B-Bed…

The B-Bed is perfect for those times when you just want to stretch out in the the sun.

It’s like an updated chaise-lounge but for the garden, the best of both worlds!

It’s available in a range of colors from pastels like green and blue to bright orange and lime.

Outdoor quilted bean bag…

These quilted beanbags are super plush, perfect not only for outdoors but also for indoors when the grey clouds take over!

There are so many bold fun colors like royal blue, bright pink and lime.

Keep an eye out for our other summertime blogs with a range of tips on how to upgrade your garden this summer!

Are you ready for the rule of 6?

The months of working hard from home and cold weather have meant that we haven’t really paid much attention to our gardens.

And whilst it may not be a jungle with hanging branches and grass up to our waists, but our gardens are definitely not fit for the parties and good times that we are planning for the summer of 2021.

But never fear, were here to help with loads of great outdoor inspo for you in the next few months, starting with these amazing sheepskins!

Rule of 6 here we come…

Thought sheepskins were just used as rugs… think again, they’re perfect to use as blankets on those slightly chilly evenings!

Forget hats, gloves, scarves and huddling around a fire, keeping warm of an evening has never looked so stylish.

From wolf to Khaki to grey to ivory, get a different color for all of your guests this summer!

We can see it now, BBQ lit, drinks flowing great music on one of our speaker lanterns from Koble, and of course friends and family…

Mother’s Day gifts!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mothersday-2.png

It’s nearly Mother’s Day!

Our Mums have done so much for us over the years!

And, whilst there may have been a few slammed doors and “I hate you” thrown around over the years after they didn’t let us go to a party, which let’s be honest probably wasn’t the best idea in the first place…

We still love them very much!

Show your Mum that you love them this Mother’s Day with our fantastic range of vintage cutlery with the most wonderful quotes.

Our full range of vintage cutlery can be personalised for you or your loved one making it that extra bit special.

Simply select the delivery option which costs £6.95 and we will personalise your spoon and deliver it to your chosen address for free. For further details and to find out more, please contact us.

Here are a few of our favourtite designs…

“I love you mummy x,” teaspoon…


I Love You Mummy Teaspoon

At Design Essentials we think this is the perfect present for your mum!

A vintage silver plated tea spoon hand stamped with ‘I love you mummy’ creates a timeless keepsake from your special little person.

“Keeps Mums bubbly bubbly” teaspoon…


ome on, we’ve all done it, put the spoon handle in the bottle to keep its fizz however the truth is we have never had to do it for any length of time. Who cares, it looks great and makes a great talking point at the drinks party. The perfect gift for mum this Mothers Day!

“Wherever she went she caused quite a stir” teaspoon…


wherever she went she caused quite a stir

Wherever She Went She Caused Quite A Stir’.

And so she should…
A fabulous spoon for a fabulous friend who lights up any room.

“Coffee now Champagne later” teaspoon…


coffee now champagne later teaspoon

A vintage silver plated spoon hand-stamped with ‘Coffee now Champagne later’ onto the spoon face.

A great coffee spoon to remind us that we must drink coffee first before it’s acceptable to drink the bubble later.

“Get me home for a cuppa” teaspoon…


Vintage style teaspoon keyring with 'Get me home for a cuppa' quote

A vintage silver plated spoon keyring lovingly hand stamped with ‘Get me home for a cuppa’. The perfect gift for tea lovers of all ages.

Beautiful lighting!

We know you all love the great Ebb & Flow lighting that we stock!

All Ebb & Flow lighting add lasting beauty to any space. Through a vast range of stunning finishes and subtle colors, these elegant lights will bring timeless design to your home.

There are so many different types of the Ebb & Flow lighting, all of which we love!

Here are a few of our favourites…

The Horizon…

Design Essentials, Saffron Walden, Interior Design, Ebb and Flow, Lighting, Pendant Lamp

With its wide shape and shallow height, the Ebb & Flow Horizon invites warmth and atmosphere into any room.

Another pendant we love is the Rowan…

Medium Bright Coral Rowan Pendant Light

Update any room of your home with the Rowan Pendant lamp from. Expertly crafted from mouthblown glass, this delicate round lamp is perfect for bringing simple style to any room in your home. 

We also love the Dome table lamps…

We know you love Ebb & Flow’s perfect mix of modern and vintage design, the Glass Dome is no different.

And finally, the Smykke wall lamps…

Smykke is the word for jewellery in Danish, and the fascination with precious sparkly earrings is the inspiration behind this new addition.


Calling all mega relaxers, our range of beanbags from our good friends at Extreme Lounging are ready and raring to go for any season.

Indoors, outdoors, these beanbags are perfect in any color or material for any room of the house or in the garden.

They’re super comfortable and well designed by the team over at Extreme Lounging.

Design Essentials, Saffron Walden, Interior Design, Extreme Lounging, Beanbags

The beanbags are super durable because of the wonderful double stitching, lasting for even the most extreme loungers! It’s also filled with super-smart polystyrene beads, designed to absorb heat and mold around your shape.

A bit about Extreme Lounging:

We love to be partnered with the amazing people at Extreme Lounging! They’re British through and through and every single B-bag is made at their factory in Yorkshire. When you bug an Extreme Lounging B-Bag from us at Design Essentials, you can be sure that your getting a great product with great service.

Everything is done to be as environmentally friendly as possible at Extreme Lounging. All their materials even being sourced from as close to home as possible! Extreme Lounging achieves true luxury without a nasty carbon footprint.

Check out this customers review!

Furniture smarter than you!

Maybe it’s time to accept it, our side tables and smart speakers are beginning to outsmart us…

But hey, it’s not some sort of apocalypse scenario like in the movies, this range of Koble smart furniture will actually change your life!

No, it’s not an exaggeration, wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers, what more would you want!

Ralph Smart Side Table – Walnut

Walnut Ralph Smart Side Table Koble Design Essentials

Be it in your bedroom or living room, the Ralph Smart Side Table is a great addition to any contemporary living space, combining a simple, modern design with storage space and incredible smart technology. With Bluetooth speakers, USB points, and wireless charging, it’s a dream side table.

Use code ralph20 for £20 off Ralph smart tables

Zain Smart Table

Four legs, solid wood occasional table. Built into the surface top is a 5w wireless charging plate compatible with all wire-free smartphones and tablets. The Zain Smart Table has a powerful Bluetooth speaker accompanied by a 40w subwoofer. Covered by a Charcoal grey retro fabric, the sound quality is extremely clear and full of bass.

Bea Smart Desk – Walnut & Gold

We love the brand new Bea Smart Dest at Design Essentials!

The super-stylish Bea Smart Desk has stylish hairpin legs making your work from home just as stylish as you! With an integrated wireless charging plate at the top of the desk is compatible with any Qi-enabled wireless charging smartphones, so no more tangled wires. Available in four unique finishes, the Bea Smart Desk is perfect for making your grey study a bit more cheerful and makes working from home a little bit easier.

Use code newsmartdesks for £20 off smart desks

Juno Smart Height Adjustable Desk – Oak and White

Design Essentials, Saffron Walden, Interior Design, smart desk, Juno

The dual-motor creates seamless height-adjustable movement which allows you to move from sitting to standing with ease. Set your perfect height using the control panel with the LED screen to save up to four positions within the built-in memory settings.

Everything is taken into account by Koble with an integrated charging pad and two USB charging ports, and one charge point. This all allows you to keep any device fully powered throughout the working day.

Use code newsmartdesks for £20 off smart desks

Mantle Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

Design Essentials, Saffron Walden, Essex, Cambridge, Interior Design, lighting, speaker, smart technology, Koble

With a powerful Lithium battery, you won’t need to worry about losing the music halfway through your party because the Mantle has 18 hours of charge. Play music, create an atmosphere, or charge your phone, at home, or out and about. The brilliant new Mantle Bluetooth Speaker Lantern will never die on you or let your phone battery die now with super sleek wireless charging.