Cambridge Style Week With Thanks From Design Essentials

cambridge-style-weekA huge thanks to Cambridge Style Week for such a fantastic ‘first ever event’, so many talented and enthusiastic people. It was a pleasure to showcase Design Essentials products and Colour Therapy Lighting at the event, together with Guest Artists Michelle Thompson’s and Dianna Probst’s work. Mary and Angie from Cambridge Interiors designed 3 sets to showcase Design Essentials products, and the lovely Claire Ashman Smith from Waterbaby Flowers the floral displays. The feedback and response we received was brilliant.

Some fantastic Independent business took part that I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. Gwendolen from Clamp Optometrists and Tweed Vixen. It was good to catch up with good friends of mine, Sarah Shoequeen from Modish, model-esque Nikki from Curious Orange, Sally Cambridge Raincoat Company, Phil and Joanna from Vida Moda, who introduced me to the gorgeous model Sabine as well as Anne and Steve from Independent Cambridge.

I was really impressed with the supprt for the event from students at Cambridge Anglia Ruskin College was given who modelled, photographed, directed and generally did the most outstanding job of whatever was asked of them. In return for some great experience as well as some great mentoring from the ever calm co founder of Cambridge Style Week Nicky Shephard.

There are so many more people I would love to tell you about such as Jess, Izzy and Missy (to name 3) but for now I would like to pay a special mention to huge talent Amy who directed a committed team of make up artist’s( and is only 26 herself, Phie who at such a young age was the sole creator of some amazing hairstyles, along with the lovely Hayley Rose and team’s enthusiasm for interviewing unsuspecting and nervous candidates like myself for her fashion blog.

This post would be incomplete without mention of a catwalk appearance from one of the directors (and a lecturer in law) Sarah Steele who’s vital statistics 36-24-36 rocked the catwalk. In fact all of the models, none of whom are professional where outstanding. In particular I thought Dani and Lativas ‘look’ just fantastic.

Added to this was the immense support from Velvet Magazine who got behind the event, together with the social media team headed by Liz Weston from Weston Communications who were all brilliantly supportive of this new initiative.

Finally I had a huge amount of fun with all the photographers drinking cocktails with Alex Bright, waving madly at Celia from Ailec photography (whilst she ignored me, and who can blame her). Surviving on a diet for the week of hummus and whitebait with Debbie Wallwork and sitting on the front row with celebrity photographer Gareth Davies. I even bagged myself a prize with a stylist for tweeting all about #cambsstyle.

More images can be found on our Facebook page.


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