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Smart Tecnology Side Tables

Fighting with kids about plug sockets over lockdown? Thinking about the new trend in Smart Technology? We all know that everyone has been spending far more time in their homes watching, streaming, and gaming more than usual.  And with all the Ipads, Kindles, phones, laptops knocking about the house these days, there’s always something with that flashing red light that needs to be charged.

That’s where we come in, our brilliant range of Smart Side Tables from Koble is here to save the day! Take for example the Zain Smart Side Table, it has the capability to charge two phones at a time! An absolute lifesaver for your tech-savvy household. One of the charging capacities is wireless, whilst the other is a USB port meaning you can say goodbye to all those tangled wires. And we all know the fallout when your kids can’t watch the next episode of their favorite show because of tangled wires and low battery.

And it’s not just the Zain that can avoid the war over plug sockets, there’s the Carl, the Kobe, the Ralph, the Milo, the Tori, and the Riva. It’s like reading a class register there’s so many! Thank god they’ve gone back to school!

You don’t even have to call your smart side tables their product name. My Mum and her friend recently named their wireless hoovers the name of their delivery drivers. Upon returning home, I even was proudly introduced to Manuel the new favorite in our household!

What will you name your Smart Side Table?

Carl Smart Side Table Koble Design Essentials       Zain Smart Side Table Koble Design Essentials  Walnut Ralph Smart Side Table Koble Design Essentials

Carl                                             Zain                                               Ralph

Gifts for new university students under £100

Where have the years gone?

The years have flown by and now it’s time for your baby to fly the nest for the first time. We say for the first time because many WILL be back, washing in hand and a new appreciation for pasta. The transition to University is an exciting time, and often more daunting for the prospective parents than it is for our kids!


It only feels like yesterday when I left home for Preston Polytechnic as it was then to study Business. ( Now UCLan University of Central Lancashire ) . It ended a chapter of my life at home, and I never did return there to live, preferring to start the next chapter of my life in London.

I loved the freedom the Polytechnic gave me, and I was gifted an almost free education ( I didn’t get the full grant my Dad’s business earned too much the previous tax year )  and a black and white TV for my room. I adored it and whilst the gadgets to be taken to Uni may have changed, room sizes certainly haven’t.

Space at university?! Argh

So when space is at a premium, but your “grown-up” child feels the need to keep up to date with trends and life demands, parting gifts can be hard to come by. University means a lot of photos, lots of charging, lots of music, and possibly the chance of some studying! Here are just a few items that do not compromise on space nor fashion!


University Gift Ideas:

  1. The Gingko MI Square Pocket Speaker £45

Boomboxes have had their day and, as cool as they were, they weren’t very practical to cart about… The Gingko Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker takes all the volume of and depth of a traditional music speaker and reformulates it for music anytime, anywhere.

Check out the other Ginko products here.

Help out a fellow student when you but the Gingko Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker by using code fundraiseniamh see more about Niamh and her fundraising here.

MI SQUARE Pocket Speaker Cherry Design Essentials Gingko


2. MightyB Indoor Bean Bag White £95

The perfect solution for space-poor university students and style-conscious grown-up loungers, mighty-b is where design statement meets comfort-worshipper.

Use code mighty10 for £10 off your MightyB indoor Bean Bag.

Check out the other bean bags here.

Design Essentials, Saffron Walden, Beanbags


3. Mooni Cube Light By Koble Mini £40

Great for indoor and outdoor use, no wires required as Cube Mini has a built-in battery. Cube is completely waterproof and can be left in the rain or used by a pool. I am not saying there are pool parties galore. Far from it, but hey they are only 18/19, and very likely they will not be checking whether apps.

Check out the rest of the Koble range.

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4. “I’m Dead Posh I’m From Saffron Walden” mug £9

Don’t forget you home with this truly one of a kind mug with the slogan which will make them smile and remember you a little.

See the rest of the range here.

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5. Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle Spoon £17

How true this is… A great motivational present that everyone should have to remind them just how special they are!
A perfect spoon designed for the sparkliest person you know!

We will personalise your spoon and deliver it to your chosen address for free. For further details and to find out more, please contact us.

See the rest of our range of vintage cutlery here.

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle Dessert Spoon


We hope this blog has given you a little help and there are more ideas on our website. Whilst this year’s student their experiences may be entirely different from ours,  they are always going to remember their own ‘black and white TV. ‘

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Smart Desk – Apollo added to our collection!


Due to the success of the Silas Smart Desk, we are proud to reveal the brilliant new Apollo Height Adjustable Smart Desk, a new product from our firm favorites Koble. The new Apollo Smart Desk is here.


Perfect for working from home:

Working from home during lockdown has meant our customers have seen the benefits of our smart tech quicker than we anticipated. With the whole family around all the time, we know that now more than ever you need to have a super comfortable workspace, whether that be standing up, sitting down, or anywhere in between. You need the Apollo Desk, comfortable, stylish, touch-sensitive, great for your back, and posture. The Apollo Height Adjustable Smart Desk will change the way you work for the better.

We all know that keeping hydrated is super important but, liquid and phone cables are not exactly a match made in heaven. But what has that got to do with the Apollo smart desk? Well, the wireless phone charging feature of the Apollo will save you crying over spilled milk, tea, or coffee. Because not only are your coworkers about six but with no school to tier them out, their curious minds and sticky fingers are running rampant. This is why the rise and fall feature of the Apollo is so great, it means that no important paper work ends up with Nutella smudged all over it.


Perfect for the home:

Where the Lana was designed with the office more in mind, it’s little brother The Apollo smart desk is perfect for both the home and the office. The Lana smart desk was so popular, its now sold out. We will be getting more, but there’s no confirmed date yet, and October is the earliest we can expect them. Se all of the brilliant features of the Apollo in this video.

Lana Smart Desk Koble Design Essentials


There’s no need to worry about space either:

With its compact and lightweight design, the Apollo will fit in even the smallest spaces. The best bit is you don’t even need a chair when standing so that’s, even more, space saved!

Dimensions (cm) :

Height adjustable between 75 – 121

Length 120

Width 60


Get in touch:

Check the Apollo Smart Desk out on our website here.

We are really proud as a small independent business to be working with Koble. If you have any questions about the Koble range at Design Essentials don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us here.

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