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Virtual Hide and Sheepskin Rug Event in Saffron Walden

This week of lockdown we are hosting and trialing a Facebook Live on Wednesday at 1pm to show you our wonderful selection of Hides and Sheepskin rugs.

We are really trying to use social media to show you our products and make it easier for you to shop local. If you have been interested in investing in a hide or sheepskin to cosy up your home, this is your chance to purchase any of our individual designs.

Please join us on Wednesday 11th November to have a look at our selections and support us locally. We appreciate any reactions, comments or feedback from this live event.

And while you are at it, why not take a look at our Sheepskin and Hide section of the website.


Lockdown Hours

Hi there,
This is such an awful time for so many people at the moment with another lockdown. What with everything else you have to consider shopping local may be well down on your priority list. The Bid has done an amazing job trying to support local shopping in Saffron Walden. I feel as our customers you have always supported this and thank you so much. I have seen a new wave of support and goodwill for local business lately and I am extremely grateful for this. As a shop owner, we are going to try and make it as easy as we can for you to shop with us via social media etc and with deliveries and click and collect.

Our click and collect days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-4pm. All products are on our website and we will also be hosting live videos and virtual events to showcase what else we have on offer. Thank you for your support and for continuing to support local.
Thanks in advance and stay safe. 
Wendy xx